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Veterans Assisting Veterans

  Our Story begins in 2011
Founded by Dennis Moschella and Robert Fairbairn
Created by veterans to assist veterans in need.
Dedicated to raising funds. 100% raised goes to veterans.

A mission created to support veterans, veteran charities and veteran initiatives/organizations that directly impact veterans and minimize administrative costs

Veterans Assisting Veterans (VAV) is a group of veterans with a goal to help other veterans.  We, (VAV), do not receive compensation for our services. We are a 501C3 charity.
How we are evolving Into advocacy

Because of  the charitable efforts of  VAV and recognition in the community of VAV as a veterans organization committed to our nation’s veterans, we have been often asked to advocate for our veterans.
 We conceptualized and helped create the Lowell Veterans Commission. Working with the Mayor of Lowell and the Massachusetts Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
We are currently working to ensure that veterans are a priority in MA State Funded Housing. Working with MA State Representatives and the Massachusetts Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Assisting Veterans (VAV) published an open letter to all American’s in the Boston Herald. VAV invites every member of the United States Congress and Senate to share their voice. VAV continues to encourage every federally elected public servant to answer VAV’s call to prioritize US Veterans, before illegal immigrants. Not one of our elected leaders has felt the need to share where they stand. We ask Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Edward Markey and the Massachusetts Congressional delegation.

Having the Right Voice
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As Veterans in the United States continue to be overlooked in Policy and Support, (Veterans Assisting Veterans) is a strong voice advocating balance and fairness for Veterans in America.
The United Veteran Issue 1
Veterans Assisting Veterans News Letters
The United Veteran Issue 2
Veterans need your support
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